The Colour of Light

The Colour of Light

Circle Craft Co-operative presents The Colour of Light exhibition featuring nine artists from Terminal City Glass Co-op from April 1-30.

Presenting works by: Cathy Beaumont (Beau Glass Works), Maria Keating, Sonya Labrie, Scott McDougall, Elisabeth Lokke Owre (Elowredesigns), Tara Pawson (Tara Blown Glass), Minori Takagi, Naoko Takenouchi, Mona Ungar.


The interplay between light and glass is a fascinating phenomenon that makes glass unique as an artistic medium. In no other art form can you experience the play of light on the surface, through the depths, and venture all the way to the other side of the artwork.

With the relationship forged through the nature of glasswork, featured artists of The Colour of Light exhibition challenge the way light can dance, refract, and splash into its vivid rainbow hues. The coexistent movement of light creates the beautiful shine, glitter, and glow from within. Glass is also a vehicle for colour, with its pure warm or cool tones delivering an emotional impact to their viewers. Moving colour is one of the most satisfying aspects of working within this medium.

Glass changes the light, and the light changes the glass.

Working with heat and gravity, each artist coaxes glass into shapes, colours, and finishes that express their personal aesthetic. For these artists, glass offers an endless supply of inspiration and fascination.

Circle Craft is located in the Net Loft in Granville Island. MORE INFO

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